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Documentary in English about CIC

Juliol 8, 2016

Excelent documentary in english about collective self-managed movements in Catalunya, the CIC and many of the friends that are building new models of society under the radar of the big media and big politics. Like Pikete, Ton, Susana, Esteve, Ale, and many more. Made by Guy James and the good friends of the P2P foundation. Highly recommended to all those from other countries interested in creating new societies beyond neoliberalism and socialliberalism.
After the 40 years of national-catholic fascism of Franco to erradicate catalan anarchism, and the last 40 years of consolidation of his victory over Spain society and institutions, Catalunya becomes again, as it has been for centuries, a fantastic and diverse school of libertarian cooperativism. Everybody welcome to visit us and reproduce those structures in their homes in different ways. And also a good reason for being Catalan independentist, wherever you are from!

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